Welcome to Bowman School where we inspire children to love learning in an academically challenging and internationally aware program that promotes respect, responsibility, and independence.

Bowman School is celebrating our 20th anniversary as an innovative, non-profit Montessori school currently serving K-8th grade students. Bowman is a year-round school that incorporates the Montessori principles of individualized learning. This means each student follows his/her learning plan and lessons are taught individually or in small groups, rather than to the entire class at the same time.

Our Montessori program is broader than traditional programs in that we provide a strong foundation not only in STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and language arts, but we also provide an in-depth study of physical and cultural geography, zoology, physical science, history, art, and multiple world languages taught to all students. We emphasize daily PE, teach life skills, provide music instruction twice a week at every grade level, weekly art instruction at every grade level, and the opportunity to participate in theater productions for all grades.

Bowman students are successful graduates from local high schools and top colleges and universities around the globe. They are above grade level academically, have mastered time management skills and have a global awareness and appreciation that helps them lead in any environment.