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We will keep you connected to Bowman School by sending you information about upcoming events on campus such as Reunions and events happening in your area.

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The Bowman Alumni Association is comprised of any student who attended CIS/Bowman International School. We communicate with our alumni via mail, email, social media and newsletters. If you are a Bowman School Alumni, share your memories with us, or update us on your whereabouts, or establish contacts with a former classmate.

Bowman Alumni Association

“There are many ways in which I could describe what Bowman did for me before I graduated and went on to high school. I discovered that Bowman had helped me develop advanced research skills and time management expertise…”

– C.L., Gunn High School, Stanford University

“The Bowman skill that I valued most during this transition was time management and knowing how to balance my work in a constructive and positive manner…”

– G.B., Gunn High School, University of California at Santa Barbara

“The Bowman School’s unique approach to teaching helped me a great deal from elementary through middle school. Its Montessori environment was a place where I could learn to my heart’s content…”

– P.M., Crystal Springs Uplands, St. Johns College