Our Graduates

Portrait of a Graduate

At Bowman, we expect our graduates to possess the following traits. From the first day of school to graduation, we center our work around the development of these traits, giving each individual student the chance to discover, create, and become.

  • Be independent and take initiative
  • Be confident, competent, and curious
  • Be autonomous with accessing and analyzing information
  • Be intrinsically motivated
  • Be adaptable and resilient
  • Be socially responsible and be capable advocators
  • Be academically prepared critical thinkers
  • Be an effective communicator
  • Be citizens of the world

And finally… be amazing!


Our Graduates

Educators everywhere are recognizing the need to develop self-directed capabilities in students to help them cope with increasing change and complexity in the world.

Graduates of self-directed programs are typically well-rounded, self-confident students with strong academic capabilities. They are able to manage choice and independence, seek and find information, and think critically. They apply imagination and creativity to problems, work beyond set limits, and seek real understanding of subjects. Self-directed students are often organized learners who manage their time effectively and communicate well in both oral and written form. They are well-equipped to handle the freedom and rigor of any high school program, and they have a strong preparatory foundation for continued learning throughout their lives.

We are very proud of each and every Bowman graduate! Through their successful transitions to the Peninsula’s top high schools, they have established a reputation for confidence and adaptability. Bowman graduates have matriculated into many high schools, including Castilleja, Crystal Springs Uplands, Harker School, Menlo School, Notre Dame High School, Pinewood, Sacred Heart, Saint Francis, Serra, and Woodside Priory.


What Alumni Say

“There are many ways in which I could describe what Bowman did for me before I graduated and went on to high school. I discovered that Bowman had helped me develop advanced research skills and time management expertise. Unlike many students at my high school, I developed real relationships with faculty as well as students. While high school has emphasized content, Bowman taught me how to analyze and reflect so that the content has real meaning beyond the facts and figures memorized for a test. Overall, Bowman develops the skills and attitude for social and academic confidence.”

–Christopher Lowman
Gunn High School, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley

“Attending Bowman International School throughout elementary and junior high school, I developed many skills that I used when transitioning to Gunn High School. The Bowman skill that I valued most during this transition was time management and knowing how to balance my work in a constructive and positive manner. I continue to use this skill in balancing the amount of time I spend on my homework so that each subject gets the attention it needs and so that I am able to complete all of my assignments on time.”

–Greg Bangs
Gunn High School, University of California at Santa Barbara

“Bowman School’s unique approach to teaching helped me a great deal from elementary through middle school. Its Montessori environment was a place where I could learn to my heart’s content. I learned to manage my time effectively, which helps a great deal in high school. Bowman is a cornerstone for where I am today.”

–Paul Morrill
Crystal Springs Uplands, Saint Johns College