Annual Fund FAQ

Annual Fund FAQ

Q: What is Annual Fund?

A: Unlike other independent schools, Bowman’s day-to-day expenses are covered entirely by the tuition you pay.  Our annual fundraiser covers the things that help make Bowman a better school in the long term and it is the only fundraising Bowman does all year.

Q: What has Annual Fund been used for in the past?

A:  The Annual Fund has paid for the following improvements to Bowman:

  • A new playground
  • Turf replacement
  • Replacement of the roof
  • Security system upgrades
  • Enhancements to Band and Theater programs
  • The  purchase of  3 vans, cooking carts, science carts, and upgrades to the digital network.
  • STEAM related purchases such as computers and the 3-D printer

Q: Is there an expected amount to donate?

A: No. Bowman’s goal is 100% participation at any level of giving.

Q: If I can’t afford to give a large donation, should I even bother?

A: Yes!  Every donation counts.  Our goal is to achieve 100% participation, which is important for maintaining our accreditation.  The WASC looks at Annual Fund participation as an indicator of parent and community commitment.

Also, please look to maximize your donation by obtaining a Matching Contribution from your employer, if available.

Q: Are there other ways to participate?

A: Yes.  You may qualify for a Matching Contribution from your employer based on the amount of time you volunteer at Bowman. Please contact our Director of Development, Chiara Sani at and 650-813-9131 for more details or to volunteer for the Annual Fund committee.

Q: I don’t want anyone to know the amount I’m giving; what’s the Privacy Policy?

A: The amount of your gift is kept private – only the Head of School and accounting staff have knowledge of your gift amount. Annual Fund volunteers, Trustees, and other parents do not have access to this information.  You may give your gift anonymously. Otherwise, your name, or the designation you choose, will be published in the Annual Report.

Q: Can I direct my donation to another Bowman cause that I personally think the school could use?

A: Yes. Please indicate on your donation form that you’d like to direct your gift to a school program such as Music, Art, Athletics, Science, Technology, Practical Life, etc.   If you have an idea for a specific item or other cause you believe could directly benefit all students, please contact Chiara Sani, Director of Development.

Q: Does it matter when I give?

A: Yes, please pledge now. When we have your pledge sooner rather than later, it helps our volunteers plan their efforts.  You can pay for your gift any time before June 30, 2018.

However, you should consider making your payment before December 31, 2017.  This will allow you to claim your tax deduction in the 2017 tax year.

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