Driving to Bowman

Driving to Bowman

Bowman West (693 Arastradero)

You may ONLY enter Bowman West (693 Arastradero) from the west, via Foothill.

You may NOT make a left turn into the parking lot from Arastradero, nor may you travel straight from Georgia. You may not make an illegal U-turn on Arastradero.

This rule is enforced by the City of Palo Alto. The road is painted to indicate this rule, and there will soon be a sign indicating no left turn.


Bowman East (4000 Terman)

You may enter Bowman East (4000 Terman) from any direction: driving either way down Arastradero and turning at the light, or traveling straight from Donald.

If the Bowman parking lot is full, you may find parking in the neighborhood. Please do not park at Fletcher Middle School.

Please share this information with grandparents, nannies, ZUM drivers, and any other guests who will be driving to Bowman.
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