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Welcome from the Head of School


Bienvenidos! Youkoso! Salve! Welcome!

The Bowman program is an impressive example of the principles of Montessori elementary education at work for your child. At Bowman, self-directed and individualized learning forms the core of the educational experience. Based on years of educational research, we believe that children can and must learn to accept responsibility, develop independence, and make decisions that help manage their own learning. Working individually with their teachers, all Bowman students help plan their daily and weekly goals. They supplement their core academics with materials and topics of their own interest. They also participate in evaluating and communicating their own educational progress.

Because each child brings a unique mix of strengths and weaknesses, children often progress at different rates in different academic areas. To support and respect each individual’s development, the children at Bowman who can move faster in a subject area move ahead freely and are not held to the pace of other students or the limitations of a grade-structured curriculum. Children who need more time and attention on a subject are provided the resources they need to succeed.

Through their years at Bowman, our students acquire strong, traditional academic skills, yet also:

  • Maintain their love for learning, creativity, and discovery
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and self-confidence about themselves and the world
  • Build a strong foundation for life-long decision making, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Become well-rounded and socially adept individuals

Bowman School is so fortunate to share this journey with your family.

All the best,

Mary Beth Ricks
Head of School
Bowman School