Parent Perspectives

Parent Perspectives


“I’m particularly impressed with the entire administration and staff’s dedication to each individual’s success in life and learning. There is a deep commitment to finding what works best for each child. I know my child has benefited immeasurably from their approach.”

Teresa Bailey, Parent of Graduate


“We’re thrilled with Bowman School. It combines academic strength with an international curriculum in a program that fosters self-reliance, motivation, and independence.”

Carola Clavi Brown, Parent of 3 Graduates


“Starting a private school in Palo Alto might seem like opening a mom-and-pop store across from WalMart, given the excellence of the public school system, but that’s exactly what Bowman has done successfully by focusing on a clear educational mission, keeping the quality of that education at the forefront, while at the same time carefully understanding and responding to the needs and values of the Bowman community.”

Peter Christy, Parent of Graduate


“The year-round academic environment at Bowman keeps my children in a continuous learning mode.”

Sue Crutcher, Parent of 2 Graduates


“Our daughter sets her own pace and is responsible for her weekly commitments. Bowman is proof that children can, and will self-direct in an environment of trust and accountability.”

Alexia Gilmore, Parent of Graduate


“We fell in love with Bowman the day our son, then in third grade, started a mud fight during recess. The teachers made it clear that they were disappointed in him, and asked him to do the school’s laundry that evening. Bowman has guided our children without crushing them, and for that we are very grateful.”

Lucile Glassman, Parent of 2 Graduates


“We sought a school that was more diverse than the other public and private schools in our area. Bowman is unmatched in its mix of international culture and the arts, in addition to core academics.”

Colin Hunter, Parent of Graduate


“We have looked on in wonder, respect and appreciation as each of our children has grown and thrived at Bowman. Both of them, nurtured in their individual learning styles and exposed to rich experiences and opportunities, have excelled in core academics, as well as having built skills in multiple languages, a spectrum of unique interests beyond ‘the basics’, a deep respect for world cultures and sense of individual responsibility.”

Heidi Mason, Parent of Graduate


“Imagine our daughter arriving here from Japan, not speaking a word of English and visiting the school for the first time, quite nervously. As she stepped into the classroom, the Bowman students spontaneously formed a queue to greet her individually in Japanese! We literally saw her eyes sparkle. From that moment, our daughter felt part of the team. The student’s outstanding attitude at Bowman is a reflection of the school’s core values – the pursuit of both humanity and academic achievements.”

Hiroshi Menjo, Parent of Graduate


“Bowman staff members understand each child’s strengths and challenges. Their thoughtful, informed and caring feedback helps me guide my son’sacademic, social and ethical development.”

Livia Polanyi, Parent of Graduate


“I’ve always found the public school system and educational philosophy to be fundamentally broken, and I think Bowman fixes all those problems.”

Brian Schmidt, Parent of 3 Graduates


“Independence, responsibility, and self-motivation are the traits Bowman has instilled in our daughter. Bowman offers a diverse education that has given learning a whole new meaning.”

Stacia L. Skinner, Parent of Graduate